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Since 1989 our family-run enterprise has been specializing in applications for military and police bomb disposal services. These days we are also partners for equipment used in securing airports, premises and buildings. In addition, we offer our portable X-ray technology for use in the testing of non-destructible material.

Our products originate exclusively from renowned and high-quality manufacturers with whom we have enjoyed long years of successful partnership. For the majority of applications which we provide we hold exclusive distribution rights for the German-speaking part of Europe as well as for all of Switzerland. During the course of our company existence we have addtionally developed our own products, which we offer independent of our distribution partnerships and areas. We also offer various services to European customers of FLIR Systems, Logos Imaging, Golden Engineering and Med-Eng.

Our competencies

Technical know-how

Well-founded technical knowledge provides the basis for our services and development projects, which we are especially advancing in robotics and X-ray technology.

Certified quality

We are subjected to regular and comprehensive audits to acquire certification of our quality management. Currently we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Exclusive distribution

We have enjoyed many years of partnership with our manufactures on an equal standing. For the majority of applications, which we provide, we hold exclusive distribution rights for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

ELP products

Water disruptor PeraDis®

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Passive, ballistic protection

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ELP accessories

Water disruptor PeraDis®

Disruptors based on electrically triggered cartridges cause many challenges for users. The cartridges are not only prohibited in air transport, their storage is complicated and expensive. We therefore have developed the non-rebound water disruptor PeraDis®. It is triggered by an electromotorically operated striker and uses ammunition as standard cartridge sleeves, which are adapted to the disruptor.

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Manipulation hook

This hook has been developed by us to pick up or to move objects. Since the water disruptor PeraDis® is installed at the same time, both tools complement each other. The hook can be moved in all available degrees of the camera pan and tilthead. Inevitably, all movements are monitored via the camera, the hook can not be removed from the camera vision field.


Window pane breaking device

The window pane breaking device has a hard metal tip, which can be applied several times with the help of the stretched spring without having to reset the vehicle. The window pane breaking device has been developed by us for 510 PackBot®.


Mechanical wire cutter

The mechanical wire cutter is a development of our company. It is placed on the fingertip of the 510 PackBot® and held by two spring latches. It is actuated by the external finger-holders. The cutter has been developed for safe separation of an insulated copper cable with a cross-section of 2.5 mm².

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ELP-HAL-ROV® set with spring hook: bag with 15-m rope and self-closing hook and quick release device

ELP-HAL-ROV® adapter for HAL MAK heavy-duty hooks with heavy-duty rope

ELP-HAL-ROV® set with alligator clip and 15m-rope bag

Holding systems for imaging plates (Logos Imaging)

We have developed this holding device for the mounting of the imaging plates of the DIMAP® Mk3 and the RIZIKÓS on 510 PackBot®. The foil holder consists of a spring sheet and foil pouches fastened with VELCRO® fasteners.


Video backpack: wireless video distribution hub

If several persons are involved in a tactical operation and they need to have the image information of 510 PackBot®, the transmission of the images can be disturbed by radio communication. In order to counteract this problem, we have designed this SEK backpack with an integrated video capturing system. When used, the backpack is connected to the OCU of the 510 PackBot®. The image displayed on the monitor of the OCU is then transmitted as a digital video stream via an encrypted WLAN connection to the receivers of the team members. They can thus view the happenings on the spot as well as the actions of the vehicle via laptops, smartphones or tablet PCs.The transmission is carried out using a WPA-2 encrypted 2.4 GHz WLAN and can be supplied with a 5 GHz WLAN as an alternative.

Lateral compartments are provided for the storage of cables and accessories. A red marking point on the back of the backpack facilitates the orientation with regard to the internal device arrangement.

The set is supplied with up to two BB-2590 / U batteries. A battery change is possible during operation.

Technical specification

2.4 GHz antenna
Round beam, 9dBi
BB2590 U-Batteries (2nd part)
(2.4 GHz) - 802.11 b / g / n
WLAN access point - 650 mW max. Transmission power (CE: 100 mW adjusted)
Viewing software VideoLan Client (VLC)


Disruptor holder (Re 70)

This device was developed for the Disruptor Re70 of the manufacturer Chemring Technology Solutions.The design allows easy and fast assembly of the application. A distance clamp ensures the distance between the manufacturer and the rear joint clamp. Sealing and clamping on the pipe arm are carried out using three metric hexagon socket screws.


Holding device for DyniTec wireless signal initiator

The DyniTec type FAE radio release unit is clamped in this holder so that operational forces can search for dangerous spots or take up explosive ordnances. In this case, the FAE is used as a one-way receiver with an integrated electronic blasting box.


Wireless signal initiator (433 MHz version or 2.4 GHz version)

There are a number of scenarios in which remote trigger cable or delay functions do not allow for satisfactory safety distance. In addition when deploying the generator from an RCV one of the important firing options is taken away by the X-ray generator.

Therefore ELP GmbH came to the conclusion to design its own radio controlled trigger system and to integrate the miniaturised device in the handle of XRS-3 X-ray generator. Our wireless signal initiator is available as 433 MHz or 2.4 GHz version. 


ELP services

Our manufacturer-certified workshop undertakes repairs and maintenance of nearly all products, that we offer. Thanks to our spare-part warehouse we can provide these services quickly and independently.

Services for products of FLIR Systems

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Services for products of Golden Engineering

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Services for products of Logos Imaging

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