Digital image plate system

The imaging plates of DIMAP® Mk3 are extremely thin, phosphorus-lamintaed slides, which are placed behind the object that should be screened. The system also includes a laser scanner, which reads the irradiated imaging plates in 51 seconds and transfers the images to a laptop for further processing.

Components of DIMAP® MK3Optional equipment
Laser scanerExternal power set
Multi-image software LOGOSBattery supply
Set of cables (USB)Video option
2 x image plates 8” x 17”
Quality laptop
System carrying case
Erasing lights


  • Image plates are reusable (almost 30.000 times)
  • Illustration of larger objects possible through the addition of several image plates
  • Integration capability of the imaging plates: multiple exposure possible
  • Deletion function can be set automatically or manually (duration: approx. 90 s)
  • Correct reading: no shifting or distortion of the picture
  • High flexibility of the approx. 1 mm thick and trimless image plates

Technical data

  • Dimension (scanner): 339 mm (h) x 493 mm (w) x 256 mm (d)
  • Weight (scanner): 14 kg
  • Image resolution: 150 dpi (image recordings with a higher resolution require more time)

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