The recoilless water disruptor

Disruptors based on electrically triggered cartridges confront users with problems. Cartridges are not only prohibited in air transport, their storage and transport are difficult and expensive.

To solve this problem, we have developed the recoilless water disruptor PeraDis®. It is triggered by an electromotorically operated striker and utilizes conventional empty cartridge shells. These are specifically loaded to meet the parameters of the PeraDis® sytem. The cartridges do not carry a projectile, but serve only to accelerate the active volume (18.5 ml of water or effect carrier in the form of iron or glass pellets).

The performance of the PeraDis® allows the so-called "surgical shot". After having made the X-ray of the device, the shot can be set precisely to the internal power source or power distribution. Thus the examined object is not completely destroyed and retained for forensic examinations. Although the effect of fragments is excluded by a suitable choice of the material, a safety distance of 10 m should be maintained towards the rear.

Technical data

Weight: 2,1 kg
Dimensions: 375 mm (l) x 125 mm (w) x 55 mm (h)
Voltage: 24 V
Power: 600 mA max.; 250 mA typisch
Water quanitity (total / projected): ca. 42,0 ml / ca. 18,5 ml
Projected pressure (Standard-Kartusche): ca. 4.200 bar (measurement in cartridge chamber)


Easy and safe handling

The PeraDis® consists of few components and is operational within a few minutes. In addition, it is completely non-return-free and is based on a polarity-proof eletronics.


The PeraDis® uses low-cost cartridges (ADR / GGUSEB class 1.4S, UN0323)

Proven Quality
The PeraDis® has been tested and approved by the Physical Technical Federal Institution (PTB).

Possible applications

The PeraDis® can be installed and triggered directly on the PackBot® via a dovetail mounting. It can also be used with a (three-point) tripod and a triggering device. In addition to an LED display for status and battery, it also has a switch-on fuse.

The tripping device has a status display showing the current status of the ignition circuit and the charge level of the battery.

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